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2007 Review


News Short Cuts
  • Cooks Coaches, a major independent operator in Somerset and Devon was bought by Stagecoach - their YJ55BHV, an Optare Solo, is seen in Taunton on April 2007
  • Competition rages in the most unlikely of places such as Preston where Preston Bus, represented by East Lancs bodied Scania 205 (PO56JDK) in August 2007, is locked in battle with Stagecoach Ribble
  • Stagecoach Western has converted several vehicles to run on Biodiesel such as 22603 (V603GCS) seen leaving Kilmarnock Bus Station in December 2007
  • Arriva 2636 (CX07CRZ) and 2630 (CX07CPZ), Wright bodied VDL SBL120s, in Chester in August 2007, competing with First who bought Chester Bus.
  • City Clipper operated short lived circular services in Southampton using five Plaxton Primo's such as MX07BBE seen at Southampton railway station in July 2007.
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  • Veolia rebranded all their companies under the group name including Dunn Line who's 5609 (YJ56AUO), an Optare Solo, is seen at Sheffield Meadowhall interchange in December 2007.
  • Stagecoach 47513 (KX57KGK), an Optare Solo in Leamington-Spa in December 2007.   It is one of a batch of vehicles branded with Goldline identity, which features higher quality seating and service.
  • Yellow Buses is still competing with Wilts & Dorset using a substantial amount of second hand Darts such as Y432PBO seen in Bournemouth in May 2007.


Dennis Enviro's
  • Hedingham is one of few independents to buy a new Enviro 400.   Their L355 (EU07GVY) is seen in Colchester in July 2007.
  • GN57DBO an Enviro200 in Seafrance livery seen at Dover harbour in October 2007.
  • DGC took delivery of two Enviro200's one of which, SK07HLJ, is seen in Newton Stewart heading for Kirkcudbright on the hottest day of summer in Scotland in August 2007.
  • Solent Blue Line 758 (SN56AWX), and Enviro400, seen in Southampton at dusk in March 2007.
  • Travel London continues to invest in Enviro400's such as 9423 (LJ07OPK) seen speeding through Vauxhall in May 2007.
  • Stagecoach has invested in a large batch of Enviro400's for its operations around Manchester such as 19084 (MX56FUB) seen in Stockport on a glorious day in April 2007.


  • No sooner had Metroline won the tender for the prestigious route 24 in London from Arriva, than it lost it to London Central.   Their TE681 (LK55KKP), an Enviro400, is seen in Parliament Square in July 2007.
  • Arriva VLE620 (LJ07UDD), one of 10 open top East Lancs bodied Volvo B9TLs for their Original London sightseeing tours, seen passing through Parliament Square in July 2007.
  • Transdev SP4 (YN56FCE), one of 15  impressive Scania OmniDekka's, seen in Parliament Square in July 2007.


The bigger the better


  • Stagecoach have started cascading Neoplans from Megabus services to normal express duties.   Stagecoach Western 50127 (SV54ELH), is seen in Ayr bus station in August 2007
  • Terravision are competing with National Express on services from London to Stansted Airport.   Their YN06NYP, an Irizar bodied Scania, is seen leaving London in December 2007
  • National Express SC8 (FJ07DVO), a Caetano bodied Scania arriving in London from Stansted Airport in December 2007
  • Stagecoach 54015 (SV07ACZ), a Plaxton bodied Volvo in Newcastle about to depart for London on the Megabus service on a freezing day in August 2007
  • Parks LSK873, a similar Plaxton bodied Volvo B12B, in Citylink livery in Glasgow Buchanan bus station in August 2007
  • Parks LSK511, another Plaxon bodied Volvo, in Parks own livery leaving Glasgow Buchanan bus station in August 2007




  • The X95 service from Edinburgh to Carlisle has had its frequency increased to every 30 minutes.   First 65748 (SN55JVO) a Wright bodied Scania as seen in be-flagged Langholm in August 2007
  • Reading continues to invest heavily in new vehicles such as 836 (YN07LFB), an East Lancs bodied Scania on the Loddon Valley park and ride service in August 2007
  • National Express has long used Travellers Choice to provide duplicates on journeys from the North West of England, but with Stagecoach now persona non grata they have found themselves providing service cars on several routes.   Their FJ56PCV, a standard accessible Caetano Levante bodied Scania, is seen leaving Bristol's refurbished bus station on the 333 Bournemouth to Blackpool route in August 2007




  • First 32846 (T846LLC), a Plaxton bodied Trident originally with Centrewest, at Slapton Sands in April 2007.   It is liveried for the Plymouth to Dartmouth coastal service.
  • First South Yorkshire has taken delivery of a sizeable amount of new vehicles such as 37251 (YN07MKK), a Wright bodied Volvo B9TL, seen at the Meadowhall Centre  in December 2007
  • First 32829 (T829LLC) with its centre exit still in place, at Kirkintilloch Cross one sunny evening in April 2007.


Unusual singles


  • Mckindless BX56XAG, a BMC bodied Falcon, seen in Motherwell in April 2007
  • Mcgill has started buying full size vehicles (rather than the usual Darts).   Their 302 (BX56VTK), a Mercedes Citaro is seen in Gourock in August 2007.
  • Stagecoach is not a big fan of full size Optare vehicles but have ordered a small batch of Versa's.   Western 25202 (SJ57AAF) is seen in the fading light of Christmas Eve in Kilmarnock, December 2007.


2007 Review