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  February 2011
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  2010 Review
The Year In Photos
Stagecoach Style
Stagecoach has introduced new Enviro400/Scanias in Lincoln some on dedicated routes. The 700 Coastliner service between Brighton and Southsea has been revamped with Dennis Enviro400s. Oxford has a fleet of new Hybrid Dennis Enviro400s in a special promotional livery.
First Seconds
An Alexander bodied Olympian, formerly with Glasgow, seen at Harwich depot. London Buslines was the original operator of this Northern Counties bodied Olympian seen in Weymouth. Another Northern Counties bodied Olympian that has migrated from North Devon to Cornwall.
Northern Municipals
Warrington has invested in 11 new Wright bodied B7s, such has this one at the new bus station. Halton, one of the smallest former municipal operators, has recently bought some MCV bodied Darts. Rossendale has bought 8 Wright bodied Volvos thereby reducing the age profile of the fleet.
Shiny Tots
DGC continues to buy new buses for their own operations such as this Optare Solo at Dumfries rail station. Wilts and Dorset has re-branded the Salisbury services again using the "reds" fleet name. Thames Travel continues to pick up routes in Berkshire and has bought a batch of new Optare Solos for them.
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A Warrington Wright bodied Volvo leaving the new bus station. A Stagecoach Oxford Enviro400 Hybrid on a balmy summer's night. A new Volvo B7 from First Bristol at Cribbs Causeway bus station.
In the News
  It was year of mega mergers with Deutch Bahn buying Arriva (above) and Trandev and Veolia merging.
New bus station
  In Birmingham, National Express opened the impressive new Digbeth Coach station and First replaced their horrendous bus station in Swansea.
  There was the usual crop of takeovers such as TM Travel that went to Wellglade, Konnectbus that went to Go-Ahead(above) and East London that returned to Stagecoach ownership from Macquarie.
Last of the line
  A few familiar faces departed the scene including Metrobuses from Nat Ex West Midlands (above) and PS Types from First in Sheffied.
Two's Company
  Peace broke out in Chester between First and Arriva (above).
  A triumvirate of Scottish independents stopped trading this year - McKindless, Stokes of Carstairs (above) and Clyde Coast coaches.
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  Photo Facts
  • Stagecoach 15652 (FX10AFN), an Enviro400/Scania wearing Inter Connect livery for the X3 service to Newark in Lincoln bus station in July 2010
  • Stagecoach 15594 (GX10HBC), an Enviro400/Scania on the 700 Coastliner service from Brighton to Southsea, at Portsmouth Hard in April 2010
  • Stagecoach 12006 (OU10GGO), an Enviro400/Dennis hybrid in Oxford in August 2010.   Similar hybrids have also been placed in service by Stagecoach in Manchester.
  • First 34282 (P182TGD), an Alexander bodied Volvo Olympian, at Harwich Depot in April 2010
  • First 34342 (H142FLX), a Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian, in Weymouth in May 2010
  • First 34117 (L817CFJ), a Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian,  in Penzance bus station in June 2010
  • Warrington 92 (DK09EMV), a Wright/Volvo, in Warrington bus station in March 2010
  • Halton 12 (AE59AWG), an MCV bodied Enviro200, in Widnes in March 2010
  • Rossendale 217 (PO59MLZ), a Wright/Volvo, at Rochdale bus station in March 2010
  • Dumfries & Galloway Council YJ59GJE, an Optare Solo, at Dumfries railway station in March 2010
  • Wilts & Dorset 300 (HW52EPX), a former SouthernVectis Plaxton/Dart, in Salisbury in June 2010.   The Salisbury town services were revamped with these Darts and rebranded "reds" in 2010.
  • Thames Travel YJ10MFP, an Optare Solo, in Wokingham in June 2010 on one of several former First services that the company started operating in 2010.
  • Konnectbus S169UAL, an Optare Excel, at Dereham in March 2009
  • National Express West Midlands 2835 (B835AOP), one of the last MCW Metrobuses in service with the former West Midlands PTE, in a snatched shot in Birmingham in March 2010.
  • Arriva 1289 (N678GUM) First 40129 (M971XVT) , both Dennis Darts, in Chester bus station in August 2007.   Arriva had been expected to be preferred bidder for the council owned Chester Bus but had lost out to First.   They had already started operation in the city in anticipation.
  • Stokes of Carstairs F479FGE, a Plaxton bus bodied Tiger bought new, in Hamilton bus station in March 1990


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