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  January 2015
Brand Aid
New images and vehicles

Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • First Scotland East 67775 (SN62AXO), a Enviro300 seen in Edinburgh in July 2014.   It carries one of several liveries on the vehicles that operate the X95 from Edinburgh to Carlisle.
  • Reading 426 (YN14MXV), a gas powered Enviro300 seen in Wokingham in July 2014.   It carries the striking Leopard livery for routes that were formerly operated by Thames Travel.
  • Buses of Somerset 33381 (LK53EZA), a former London Dennis Trident in Taunton bus station in February 2014.   This branding is being rolled out by First to try and boost its image in Somerset.
  • First Hants & Dorset 47597 (SN14FEX), a Streetlite in Southampton in December 2014.   This is another local livery introduced by First to convince residents to travel by their buses.
  • Arriva North East 1519 (NL63VPT), a Wright bodied DAF in Durham bus station in May 2014.   It has Sapphire branding which Arriva has adopted in several more towns in 2014.
  • Arriva North East 7530 (NK64EER), an Enviro400 in Widdrington in January 2015, on the X18 service from Alnwick to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.   Along with several other Arriva routes this has been branded Max, a distant cousin of Sapphire.
  • First West of England 33827 (SN63MYK), an Enviro400 in Weston-Super-Mare in July 2014.   It carries yet another First brand - this time called Express Yourself.


Up Your Street
Streetlites take hold

Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Yellow Buses 869 (HF14BXA) at Bournemouth rail station in March 2014
  • Go North East 8342 (NL63XBM) in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in May 2014
  • First Somerset & Avon 47546 (SN14FFW) in Bristol in August 2014
  • First Somerset & Avon 47557 (SN14FGK) in Bristol in August 2014
  • Reading Buses 163 (RE63EOH) in Reading in June 2014
  • Reading Buses 161 (RE63EOF) in Reading in June 2014
  • Reading Buses 165 (RE63EOK) in Reading in July 2014


Take Two
Second lives for Routemasters

Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • RML2711 (SMK711F) on the Southbank in September 2014.   It is used to sell SNOG frozen yogurts.
  • RML2706 (SMK706F) at the sodden Foodies Festival on August Bank Holiday Monday in Oxford
  • RM1933 (ALD933B) of Stagecoach London has  been painted in 1933 London Transport livery and is seen near St Pauls Cathedral on the heritage 15 route in September 2014.
  • RML2729 (SMK729F) on a Haunted London Tour in June 2014.
  • RML2386 (JJD386D) at another rain soaked Foodies Festival, this time in Richmond in May 2014.
Hello Goodbye
Takeovers and Failures
Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Henderson 105 (YJ05XOS), an Optare Solo at Lenzie station in April 2007.   Henderson went out of business in 2014 with many of the tendered services they ran now being operated by McGill
  • King S355SEG, a Mercedes at Stranraer Academy in September 2011.   King was a prolific operator of local services in Wigtownshire but the Traffic Commissioner revoked their license in 2014.
  • Norfolk Green YJ57YCD, an Optare Tempo in King's Lynn bus station in April 2009.   Stagecoach bought this operator and is now re-branding the vehicles.
  • Original London Sightseeing Tour VXE725 (YJ11TVF), an Optare bodied Volvo in London in October 2011.   Arriva has sold this operation to RATP Dev.



Small Refreshment
Gemini and Enviro makeover
Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Stagecoach London 13025 (BG14ONU), a Gemini 3 in London in June 2014.   Wight had updated its Gemini 2 design with the major difference being the smaller upper deck windows.
  • Reading Buses 752 (YX64VRM) an Enviro400 hybrid in Reading in its first week in service in October 2014.   ADL has also updated its double deck range but it too is mainly cosmetic in detail.

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