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  February 2017
Bus Review 2016 Part 2
A bit of variety

Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • First York 49908 (YJ15AYK), an electric powered Versa, being charged at the Park and Ride site in York in May 2016
  • River Link that operates connecting bus and steam railway services in Devon withdrew its last Bristol VRs in 2016.   Their 2 (UWV604S) is seen in Paignton in September 2005.
  • Reading has converted some of its Scania double deckers serving the university into bistro seating.   These vehicles operate on a new short 21a route that operates between the centre and the university.
  • Webberbus of Bridgwater went out of business in 2016.   Their sizeable operation reached places such as Weston-Super-Mare where YJ10EYW, an Optare Metrorider, is seen in July 2014.
  • Stagecoach recently placed a small fleet of electric Optare Solos in service on Inverness local services where 48901 (YJ15AWC) is seen on a baking hot day in August 2016.
  • Seen on a bitter day in August 2016 is First 64996 (SV14FZD), one of their batch of Van Hool A330 Hydrogen buses that are being trialled in Aberdeen.
  • Seen on the same freezing day is 29906 (SV64BRX), one of the batch operated by Stageacoach.   The trials of these vehicles are being conducted in several European cities.


Everything but Europe

Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • After a gap of nearly 10 years, National Express has placed double deckers in service again.   Their BV66WPK, one of six Caetano Boa Vista bodied Scanias is seen at Luton Airport in December 2016.
  • The apparently never-ending competition on routes to Stansted Airport continues with the recent appearance of Airport Bus Express owned by BX65WBJ, one of 12 Caetano bodied Scanias is seen at Victoria in London in January 2016.
  • What's claimed to be the first regular double-deck coach operated service in France has started between Nice Airport and Sophia Antipolis (the technology park just north of Antibes).   STCAR 158022 (DX308WQ) and 168005 (DZ5332QV), impressive Setras are seen in Sophia the re-built Sophia bus station in September 2016.
  • Scottish Citylink were awarded the contract to operate the new Stansted Airport to Kings Cross service.   They bought a batch of Mercedes Tourismos to operate the route such as BG65VXF and behind BG65VXL seen at Kings Cross in March 2016.
  • Trent Barton upgraded their premium Red Arrow service from Nottingham to Derby with smart Plaxton Elite bodied Volvo coaches.   One such vehicle 88 (YX65ZHR) is seen leaving the new bus station in Derby in August 2016.
  • Stagecoach have started introducing Plaxton Elite Interdeck coaches on local express routes.   Stagecoach Strathtay 54233 (YX64WBV) is seen on the X7 service in Aberdeen on its way to Dundee in August 2016.
  • Another Plaxton Elite Interdeck ,54254 (YX65ZKP), this time for Stagecoach Bluebird in Aberdeen in August 2016.   This batch of vehicles are now operating on the newly branded Buchan Express routes from Aberdeen to Fraserburgh and Peterhead.
  • Stagecoach has extended some of the St Andrews to Glasgow journeys to the Braehead Shopping Centre and Glasgow Airport.   Former Citylink vehicles have been re-branded for the service, such as this Plaxton bodied Volvo 54069 (SV59CHJ) seen in Halbeath Park & Ride in August 2016.
  • A new coach interchange has been opened in High Wycombe beside the M40 motorway where Oxford 54 (BX65WAU), a Caetano bodied Volvo, is seen in July 2016 on a service to Stansted Airport.



Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Carousel Buses now operate the High Wycombe Park & Ride service.   Their 408 (SK16GXY), a Wright Streetlite is seen in July 2016.
  • STCAR 158022 (DX308WQ) leaving Sophia Antipolis for Nice Airport in September 2016.
  • Stagecoach now operates the Chester Park & Ride services using Enviro300's such as 26053 (SN16OPH), seen in the bus station in August 2016.
  • First has updated their fleet in the former Midland territory with Wright Streetlites such as 47617 (SN64CKY), see at the Falkirk Wheel in May 2016.
  • Stagecoach 15289 (YN16WWF), a new Dennis Enviro400 MMC seen in Whitstable in August 2016.
  • Plymouth bus station shut in 2016.    Bruce FN63PWJ, a Caetano/Scania is seen leaving there for Edinburgh on the overnight 336 National Express service in February 2016.
  • East Coast Buses 10199 (LB62BUS), Wright bodied Volvo is seen in Haddington in August 2016.

Open Top
All shapes and sizes
Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Rabbie's SN16BWO, an EVM bodied Mercedes minibus on an Edinburgh tour in August 2016.
  • City Tour London KV02UST, an Alexander bodied Trident at Waterloo in October 2016
  • Stagecoach 17528 (LX51FOM), one of a pair of Alexander/Tridents painted in traditional East Kent livery seen in Ramsgate in August 2016.
  • Bath Bus Company WX15OFU, an UNVI bodied Volvo in Bath in November 2015.



New models
Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Go-Ahead London General MHV83 (BV66VKC), an MCV bodied Volvo near Tower Bridge in October 2016
  • BYD1471 (LJ16EZM), one of five BYD electric vehicles operated by Metroline seen in December 2016.
  • Metroline STL1470 (SL15ZGR), a dual door Wright bodied Streetlite seen Cheshunt in January 2016.
  • Stagecoach 10302 (YY15OYT) and Arriva HA3 (LK65BYZ) at the Cobham open day in April 2016.   HA3 is a Dennis Enviro400 City.


Scottish Expansion
Growth in Scotland
Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Perryman has expanded with the adoption of former First routes in the Borders.   Additionally their Berwick-Edinburgh service now operates hourly and is extended to Haymarket.   Seen in August 2016 is SN15LJJ, a Dennis Enviro300, making its way down Princes St.
  • McGills has bought several small Lanarkshire operators in 2016.  Their I6904 (KFZ33), a Wright bodied DAF new to Arriva London is seen in Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station on one of its traditional routes to Erskine in May 2016.
  • East Coast Buses, a subsidiary of Lothian Buses have started operating East Lothian routes abandoned by First.  Their 10195 (SN62BNY), Wright bodied Volvo is seen in Haddington in August 2016.

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