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  December 2017
Christmas Quiz
This year's Christmas Quiz is based on the BBC show "Only Connect".   There are four rounds and all you have to do is spot the connections.   If you haven't seen the show there are examples for each section to give you guidance.    Scroll down each page to find the answer.   There are no prizes - just participating should give you enough pleasure.   Good luck !



  Round 3 - Connecting Wall - Question
What are the four connected groups in the wall ?


Tiger Paramount Whippet Panther
    Leopard Greyhound Woollen Fox
    Lynx Tiger Cub Verde Rider
Bluebird Royal Tiger Traction Panorama













    Leopard Panorama Paramount Verde
    Traction Woollen Rider Tiger
    Royal Tiger Tiger Cub Lynx Panther
    Bluebird Whippet Greyhound Fox
  First Row: Bodies made by Plaxton
  Second Row: All of these can be preceded by "Yorkshire"
  Third Row: Vehicles made by Leyland
  Fourth Row: Companies with animals in their logos (Alexanders, Whippet, Greyhound, Felix)


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