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  August 2016
  Red Hot
Heatwave in Aachen
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi The German city of Aachen lies close to the border of Belgium and The Netherlands and has a curious cathedral that dominates the centre.   The bus services are provided by ASEAG ( Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG) who like London provide a network of routes operated by vehicles in a red livery operated by themselves and other companies including those from nearby Belgium and Deutsche Bahn (DB) .   By coincidence Veolia who run routes from Heerlen and Maastricht in The Netherlands to the city also have a mostly red livery.  Vehicles operated are mainly Mercedes Citaros (both rigids and artics) with the most unusual buses being aging double-artic Van Hools.
  All photos taken in August 2016.   Click to enlarge or play clips.
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