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November 2001
Access Buses
Special Conversions
Before production Access buses were available, normal vehicles had to be specially adapted by operators themselves.   Several members of the Western Scottish batch of MSJ-P Seddon T-types were converted in the mid-1980's.   Midland MSE1 (MSJ371P) is seen at Alloa Depot in July 1985.
The first batch of production Access buses were Wright bodied Dennis Lances for London United.   LLW9 (ODZ8909) is seen at Hounslow bus station in January 1994.
Far left: Toulouse 0054 (769ALJ31) at the railway station on the hottest day of the summer in August 2001.
Left: Bullock were another early operator of Access buses.   Their N632XBU, a Wright Scania, is seen at Stockport bus station in April 1996.
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Information about Italian bus builder Autodromo
Riviera Trasporti operate bus services in Liguria in North East Italy
Complete list of Dennis Lances
Bullock of Cheadle operate several service in Greater Manchester
GMPTE coordinate bus transport in the Manchester area
Toulouse city bus services are operated by SEMVAT


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