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October 2000 (Extra)
Amsterdam 2000  Blue is the colour
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Since the early 1970's Amsterdam has always been associated with yellow trams and buses.   However in 1999, everything changed.   Suddenly the local buses were blue, the urban buses were blue and even the trams were blue !   Seen in January 2000 are: top left Connexxion 2371 (BH-SX-53), a Daf/Berkhof, at Schipol Airport; top right tram 686 near Concertplein; and bottom GVB 173 (BH-JG-29), a gas powered DAF/Jonckheere, at Amstel Station.

Photo Transport Notes
Connexxion are an amalgamation of the main non-privatised companies in the Netherlands (namely NZH, ZWN and Midnet).   The Netherlands has a history of separating and joining companies together.
The tram livery before 1970 was a dull grey, but originally it was dark blue, as worn by the tourist trams that run at the Amsterdam Tram Museum.

Connexxion run urban buses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht
GVB runs local buses and trams in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Tram Museum runs preserved trams on service
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