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March 2003
The town of Berwick has changed hands between England and Scotland many times during its colourful history.   Its bus history is equally varied.   In the golden days of bus operation, United Automobiles and Eastern Scottish jointly operated the town services.   Their successors, Northumbria and Lowland, continued to work in harmony until the early 1990's when competition broke out.   Eventually Lowland withdrew leaving Arriva Northumbria.   Although it appeared they had won the battle, they had in fact lost the war as they decided to give up the town service in October 2002.   Local Scottish operator Perryman has now assumed control of the routes and six of Arriva's Metroriders.   The final skirmish ?
berwick-perryman-m859kcu.JPG (47704 bytes)
berwick-perryman-sl52bfu.JPG (48977 bytes)
Perryman assumed control of the Berwick town services in October 2002, using six metroriders from Arriva.   Above left: M860KCU and M859KCU are seen in their owner's new livery in Berwick in December 2002.   Top right: M859KCU heads for Prior Park on the (B2) service in December 2002.   Bottom right: Perryman already operate a number of tendered services around Berwick such as the (235) to St. Abbs where new Optare Solo S52BFU is heading in December 2002.
berwick-arriva-m872lbb.JPG (48885 bytes) berwick-arriva-g256uvk.JPG (41804 bytes) berwick-highcliffe-oct91.JPG (52709 bytes)
Above left: Latterly Arriva operated the town services using a fleet Metroriders.   Their M872LBB is seen in August 2002, almost at the end of operation.   Above right: They still operate the trunk (505) service to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne where Optare Delta G256UVK is heading, also in August 2002.   This route originally ran all the way through to Edinburgh. Minibus Scrap
Northumbria 822 (E822BTN) and Lowland  D755DSH both about to depart the bus station for Highcliffe in October 1991.
Berwick Surrender
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Photo Facts
Top: Flodden Memorial to commemorate the English massacre of the Scottish in 1513.
Middle: The Old Bridge at Berwick
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