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June 2005
VE Day 50th Anniversary Celebrations
The Netherlands
The Dutch didn't participate in either of the World Wars in the twentieth century.   In the First they were neutral, and in the Second they capitulated after five days.   However they were occupied (left) for nearly six years, an unfamiliar sensation for Americans and Britains.   It could have been five, but cruelly freedom was snatched from them in 1944 after the heroic failure of the battle of Arnhem.   Another seven long, hard winter months were to pass before The Nethlerlands was liberated in April 1945, a story not often recounted.

50th Celebration
As in the rest of Europe, The Netherlands celebrated 50 years of liberation (and since VE day) in May 1995.   Friday 5th May was bevrijdingsdag itself (pronounced "bee-fry-dings-dach") with open air concerts by pop bands in Amsterdam.   This was followed by an air display at Camp Zeist on the Saturday, and a parade of veterans in Apeldoorn on Sunday.   The weekend was exceptionally hot which added to the special atmosphere.
A flower seller in Gouda with a German officer observing in the background.
Friday: Amsterdam
Let's party
Amsterdam celebrated in the only way they know how - by partying in the street (above left).   Stages for bands were already in place from Queen's Day (national holiday on 1st May), and with balmy weather there was no excuse for not joining in.   In the more refined suburbs the Dutch restricted themselves to flying flags (above right).
Music of a different beat
In the grounds of Het Loo palace (former royal residency) near Arnhem, military bands performed on Friday evening including this pipe band (left).
Saturday: Camp Zeist
Air Display
On Saturday enormous crowds descended on the Camp Zeist air force base near Utrecht (above).   In the baking heat they saw a well organised display of individual planes (below left) and formation flying (right).  One of the highlights of the show was undoubtedly a brief fly past of an F16 (below right).
Like clockwork
The whole event was run with typical Dutch precision including the park and ride buses to the site provided by Midnet (right top and bottom)
Sunday: Apeldoorn
The main parade of veterans was held in Apeldoorn on a hot Sunday afternoon.   More than 300,000 visitors were transported to the centre of the town by a fleet of artics (above).   
The Netherlands was liberated by Canadian forces (right, below left), with tanks rolling into Apeldoorn on 17th April 1945.   There were scenes of great emotion as residents were re-united with their liberators 50 years later (below right).
All photos taken in May 1995.   Click to enlarge.
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