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September 2000
The World's Bleakest Bus Stations
The windy city with its equally windy bus station.   St. Andrews Square in Edinburgh with its underground labyrinth of un-used corridors running between platforms closed on 1st July 2000.   Seen on the last evening of operation are Lowland 323 (A323BSC) and Parks KSK977.  It is to be replaced by a labyrinth of underground platforms connected by corridors on the surface. In the old days. when Cumberland was but a twinkle in Brian Souter's eye, Stagecoach ran only express services from Scotland to London.   The day vehicle  from Glasgow  used to call at the dimly lit Arndale Bus Station in Manchester.   Their C176KET is pictured in the gloom in March 1987.
The Bullring Bus Station in Birmingham was always dark and cold when buses used it.   However now the buses have gone and the rag market is temporarily in residence, bright lights and heating are the new order.   One day soon this will all be history.   Clothes rails photographed in March 2000. Nice in France is one of the two foremost cities for Baroque architecture.   Nevertheless this didn't prevent the construction of an inhospitable concrete bus station with a Monaco-style roof top garden for good measure.   RCA 9777UJ06 is seen leaving for Beausoleil in March 1991.

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Who could forget Chorlton St. Coach Station in Manchester ?
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