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April 2001
Beeline Bracknell
Bracknell is famous for the 3M building, multitudinous roundabouts and a preposterously large bus station.   The local bus company is Beeline (F-owned seemingly) which was the bit of Alder Valley that Reading Transport and Stagecoach didn't want.   Unloved and uncherished, both town and bus company are true survivors.   Below is a teaser of what's in store the next time you visit.
AA_6553_032A.jpg (103292 bytes) AA_6553_033.jpg (122696 bytes)
The Bracknell population is definitely streetwise and can therefore understand why their latest buses are not painted in F-bus barbie livery.   Alexander/Olympian P174TGD started life with First Glasgow. Legoland and Windsor Castle are the two main tourist attractions near Bracknell.   Plaxton/Scania M814PGM carries livery to promote the Danish theme park.   Some bacon ma'am ??
AA_6553_034.jpg (122783 bytes) AA_6553_036.jpg (112946 bytes)
The only F-corporate liveried vehicles to so far arrive in Bracknell are a handful of Wright/Scania lowfloors, that carry advertising for Broadway (Bracknell, not USA). T822JBL rests in front of the recycling bins. Bracknell town services have now handily become home to these charming ex-London Wright bodied Darts.   JDZ2389 is pictured here.
All photos taken in September 2000.   Click to enlarge.
First Beeline are the main operator in Bracknell
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