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September 2004
Brighton Coach Rally 2004
A game of two halves

The UK Coach Rally celebrated its 50th anniversary at Brighton in April.   There were over a hundred entrants, including a special display of preserved coaches, featuring several from Kenzies who have participated in every coach rally since its inception..   Although it is principally a trade event, there were a few interesting new vehicles to interest enthusiasts including a 13.5m Scania decker and a good selection of Sunsundegui-bodied vehicles.   The driver of the year competition used a standard Transbus/Volvo which battled against the elements as well as the clock.     It was definitely a game of two halves - the Saturday was bright and sunny whereas the Sunday was simply appalling.
Driver of the year
To become coach driver of the year, required participants to drive a standard Transbus bodied Volvo (upper left) round a course of bollards.   Marshalls checked that all was in order (lower left).
volvo.jpg (41270 bytes) pier-and-buses.JPG (52995 bytes)
concours.jpg (59770 bytes)
New Exhibits
Some participants in the rally came from far and wide including Marbill and Whitelaws from Scotland (left).    There was also an impressive 13.5m Berkhof bodied Scania double decker (right).
marbill-whitelaw.JPG (63407 bytes) scania-decker.JPG (52955 bytes)
Preserved Coaches
There was a small selection of preserved coaches including a fine AEC from Glenton Tours with centre door (left) and several Bedfords from Kenzies (right).
glenton-lyh148p.JPG (61199 bytes) kenzies.jpg (62640 bytes)
Brighton Coach Rally
All photos taken in April 2004.   Click to enlarge.
Brighton Coach Rally
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