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June 2007
Once again the Cobham bus rally moved home this year - Longcross test track being chosen to host the event.   It is an enormous site which allowed vehicles to be organised into logical groupings - Routemasters, preserved vehicles, vehicles currently in service and pre-war buses.   The weather was warm and sunny and the rally was well attended.  Highlights included a Highland Albion Lowlander (right), and the first appearance of a London Transport Leyland Cub (middle below) and a Kentish Bus Routemaster (bottom).
Express coaches - old and not so old
Largest collection of pre-war vehicles ever
When swoops and curves ruled
Cobham Rally 2007
All photos taken on 1st April 2007
Photo Facts (top to bottom)
Highland AL41 (BCS256C), a Northern Counties bodied Albion Lowlander, originally delivered to Western SMT
Midland Red 3301 (KHA301), a Duple bodied C1
Eastern National 331 (7017HK) and 350 (573UVX), both ECW bodied Bristol MW's
National Travel South West 359 (KAD359V) and 146 (SDD146R), both Plaxton bodied Leyland Leopards
London Transport Q83 (CGJ188), an AEC Q
London Transport CR16 (FXT122), a Leyland Cub from 1939
London Transport Dennis D142 (XX9591) and ST922 (GJ2098), an AEC Regent I from 1930
Kentish Bus RML2514 (JJD514D) an AEC Routemaster
Cobham Bus Museum
Longcross test track (wikipedia)
Midland Red preserved vehicles (bammot)
Routemaster preservation
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