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March 2004
   Cross The United Kingdom consists of four countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Several bus services operate between these countries and also to neighbouring Ireland and France.   This is brief look at some of the more interesting routes. UK
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Photo Facts
East Coast:
For many years United Automobiles ran all the way from Newcastle to Edinburgh via the Borders.   Their 6142 (WHN678G), an ECW/RE, is seen in Edinburgh in October 1978. [top left]
The spiritual successor to the route is now provided under tender by Munro's.   Their M901KS prepares to depart Newcastle for Edinburgh in April 2003 on the once daily journey. [above left]
Perryman operates an unusual route from Berwick (in England) to Edinburgh via the coast.   It is a two-hourly service run by minibuses, sometimes with trailers for luggage.   X899BVN leaves Berwick for Edinburgh in April 2003.   Other current main East coast cross-border services include the (60) from Berwick to Galashiels and (X95) Edinburgh to Carlise via Galashiels.   [right]
West Coast:
White Star V974DRM, a Plaxton/Dart, in Carlisle in  December 2001.   White Star was recently bought by Stagecoach.   [left]
Western EL2498 (SCS367M), a Y-type Leopard, in Carlisle in August 1981.   Both are operating cross- border services to Scottish villages.   [right]
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Photo Facts
North Wales:
Crosville (remember them ?) suffered considerable competition around Chester during the late 1980's and 1990's.   Devaway PWW708R, a former West Riding T-type Leopard, is seen [below left] in Chester heading for Mold (in Wales) in March 1991.   They were bought by Crosville's successor Arriva in 1998.
Wrights H408YMA, a Leyland Lynx, is seen in Wrexham bus station in April 1992 [below right] competing with Crosville Wales on the Chester route.   They eventually went bust in 1994.
devaway-pww708r-chester-mar91.JPG (45575 bytes) South Wales:
Stagecoach 20870 (P870MNE) in Newport (Wales) in June 2003 on the (73) service to Gloucester. [above left]
Stagecoach former National Express Plaxton/Tigers 931 (AAL575A) and 909 (AAL538A) in Monmouth (Wales) in March 1998, heading for Ross-On-Wye (England) and Chepstow (Wales). [above right]
First Plaxton/Javelin 172 (L6BMS) in Newport on the (302) service from Swansea (Wales) to Bristol in June 2003. [below left]
Arriva M945LYR, a Van Hool/DAF, in Bristol on the long-standing Trawscambria service from Mid Wales in August 2000.   This service is jointly crewed by Stagecoach and Arriva. [below right]
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Photo Facts
Bus Eireann VC56 (96-D-52687), a Caetano/Volvo in Newry bus station (Northern Ireland) in August 2003 heading for Dublin (Ireland) on the 200 service from Belfast.
Photo Facts (clockwise)
When the Channel Tunnel was opened in 1994, it was suddenly possible to operate a direct bus service from England to France.   Caron Voyages from Boulogne and Stagecoach East Kent therefore started a route, named Duo Line, to connect Cite Europe shopping centre in Calais with Canterbury.   Crosskeys eventually replaced Stagecoach, but the service stopped by 2002.   Caron Voyages 5531RE62, a standard Renault, is seen in Canterbury bus station in July 1999.
Quoi ?   Do Stagecoach really operate in France ?   Well no actually, but they do provide timetables for their Kent services in French.
cie-wvh22-hzd596-jun85.JPG (41021 bytes) ulsterbus-670-aaz1670-bus-eirann-vc137-98d12154-aug98.JPG (55012 bytes)
Photo Facts (clockwise)
National Express and Scottish Citylink provide regular cross-border express services.   However there are more unusual ones such as the following:
CIE WVH22 (HZD596), a Leyand Worldmaster with Van Hool bodywork in Buchanan bus station, Glasgow on service from Ireland in June 1985.
Ships in the night (or the morning actually).   Ulsterbus 670 (AAZ1670), a Plaxton/DAF prepares to leave Birmingham for Belfast (Northern Ireland), while Bus Eireann VC137 (98D12154), a Caetano/Volvo arrives from Waterford (Ireland) in August 1998.   The Ulsterbus vehicle only makes at as far as Stranraer in Scotland, whereas the Bus Eireann vehicle crosses the water.
A Transline service (now marketed under the Eurolines banner) has for many years provided a link to Edinburgh from Germany.   Menchen Setra BOR-BM-10 is seen arriving in the rebuilt St. Andrews Square bus station in April 2003.
Summer Saturday mornings in Glasgow provided some surprising vehicles on holiday express routes.   Chester 2 (B202 EFM), a Northern Counties/Olympian prepares to depart for Llandudno in Wales in June 1985.
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Wrights of Wrexham history
Perryman timetable from Berwick to Edinburgh
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