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February 2005
Culm Valley Connect
Dennis Deckers in Devon

Cullompton (pronounced Clumpton as in “Trumpton”) is not one of the top ten tourist attractions of Devon.   In fact it doesn’t even make the top 100.   It has a long main street and an ever-present traffic jam due to poorly coordinated traffic lights (aren’t they all in the West Country?).   However thanks to the 2003 Rural Bus Challenge, Cullompton now finds itself as one of the best connected towns in Devon.   The routes to Exeter and Tiverton were one of the 42 winners of the £2 million available, with the newly named Culm Valley Connect service gaining a massive £845K pot of money.   The old (54) service from Exeter to Cullompton and (373) Cullompton to Tiverton were merged to form the new 1/1B service doubling the frequency on both sections, giving a 15 minute daytime service from Cullompton to Exeter.   The route employs eight new Dennis Tridents which entered service for Stagecoach Devon at the end of October 2004.

Photo Facts
Top: Stagecoach Devon 16059 (R159VPU), an Alexander bodied Olympian near Silverton on the main road (55) service from Tiverton to Exeter in November 2004.
Above left: Stagecoach Devon 18116 (WA04FOH), a Transbus bodied Trident approaching Broadclyst on the (1) in November 2004.
Above right: Transbus/Trident 18118 (WA04FOK) from Stagecoach Devon in Tiverton bus station in October 2004.
Left: Stagecoach Devon 17735 (SK52USO), an Alexander/Trident, at Tiverton parkway on the former (373) service from Cullompton to Tiverton in June 2004.   This vehicle left exactly one minute before the First Great Western train from London arrived.
Culm Valley Connect
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Rural bus challenge
Culm Valley information
Culm Valley information
Culm Valley connect information
Devon Pubs
Unlike pubs in South East England that rely on pre-packed food, most pubs in Devon still provide genuine home-cooked meals.   There are so many to choose from, but two local to this area are as follows:
Five Bells Inn
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