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December 2003 
While Britain still has 40 year old Routemasters trundling around London, mainland Europe has predictably surged ahead with investigation of new forms of power.   Gas powered vehicles, already popular in France, are now to be found just across the channel operating for TCRB in Boulogne (above and below).   Nice in the south, no stranger to CNG buses, has new bendi-buses to complement its conventional gas buses.   The Netherlands, keen proponents of all things modern, have extra-long bendi-buses operating in Utrecht, while smart articulated trolleybuses are the mainstay of Arnhem city services now.
The Dutch city of Utrecht has recently placed these hefty triple-bendi-buses in service (above).   Meanwhile in the east, Arnhem's new bendi trolleybuses (left) have eradicated all older trolleys in the town. 
The city of Nice in the South of France (or SunBus) is the largest operator of gas buses in France (above) with well over 100 on the road.   It recently placed into service some unusual gas powered articulated vehicles (right) which are used on service (16).   Nice already operates conventional artic buses.
Different Strokes
All photos taken in August and September 2003.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts (from top to bottom)
TCRB (Boulogne) 312 (4170VP62), a new Van Hool A330 CNG bus at Boulogne depot
Connexxion 0230, a Berkhof bodied articulated trolleybus from 2002
GVU (Utrecht) 901, a Van Hool AGG300 articulated bus, one of 15 delivered in 2002.   There are another 12 on order.
Nice 206 (206AZG06), one of 15 new Irisbus Agora L articulated CNG buses
TCRB (Boulogne)
Nord-Pas de Calais Bus Maps
GVU (Utrecht)
Sunbus (Nice)
Van Hool
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