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January 2001
Genova Then and Now
genova91-bus1.JPG (52188 bytes) genova91-bus2.JPG (47975 bytes)
Two Fiat midibuses near Genova railway station in May 1991.   3464 leads the pair. AMT 8023, a wonderfully throaty Fiat in Genova, May 1991.  Some of these vehicles still exist in 2000.
genova00-bus.JPG (72898 bytes) genova00-trolley.JPG (55634 bytes)
AMT 3929 (BK478WL), a new Iveco, in Genova in June 2000. Trolleybus 2007 seen in Genova in June 2000. One of the new artic buses seen in bustling Genova, June 2000.
Genova/Genoa is the largest seaport in Italy.   The city is a mixture of grand buildings and narrow alleys and positively throbs with traffic.   There is a large and well used transport service provided by Azienda Mobilita E Trasporti, featuring buses and trolleybuses.   As Genova is set on a steep hillside, many of the routes provide superb views over the port, and there is also a funicular railway to sample.
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Azienda Mobilita E Trasporti are the city transport operator
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