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October 2007
Branding Bonanza Go-North East
Go-North East has embarked on a mammoth branding exercise that has seen no fewer than 30 route liveries applied to their vehicles.   Never knowingly buying the same vehicle combination twice, recent deliveries have included Mercedes Citaros (upper left), Omni-link Scanias (lower left) and Wright bodied Volvos (above right).   Many older buses in the fleet have been repainted (below), but many have been bought new such as a large intake of Scanias (further below).   Most operate around Newcastle and serve all major Go-North East towns such as Gateshead, Sunderland and South Shields.
Go Northern liveries
All photos taken in a chilly Newcastle in August 2007.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts (top to bottom) Northern General History
Go North East X10 3943 (NK05GZR), a Wright bodied Volvo
Red Arrows 5280 (NK07KPP), a Mercedes Citaro
The Angel 5270 (NK56KKF), an OmniCity Scania
Highwayman 4916 (X916WGR), a Wright bodied Volvo B10
Fab Fifty Six 5210 (NK54NYE), a Wright bodied Scania L94
The Diamond 4909 (W909RBB), a Wright bodied Volvo B7
Red Kite 5240 (NK56KHH), an OmniCity Scania at the rebuilt Ebdon Square bus station
West Durham Swift 5246 (NK56KHR), an OmniCity Scania
Cobalt Clipper 5254 (NK56KJA), an OmniCity Scania
Blaydon Racers 8231 (X231FBB), a Plaxton bodied Dennis Dart
Derwent Ranger 4992 (YR02ZYM), a Wright bodied Scania L94
Coaster 3861 (W861PNL), an East Lancs bodied Dennis Trident
This is not the first time that vehicles from Northern General (Go-North East's predecessor) have worn distinctive livery.   In the 1980's their vehicles operating around Newcastle wore Tyne and Wear PTE livery as represented by 3562 (MBR462T), an ECW bodied Atlantean seen in Newcastle in August 1981.   This vehicle also sports a broadside advert (all the rage then) for the ubiquitous Binns store.
Go North East
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