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January 2007
Green Spanish Eyes Ireland's love affair with Spain
Irish operators have recently fallen in love with Spanish coach bodies.   Bus Eireann from south of the border, have introduced several batches of Irizar bodied Scanias onto express services (top left and above right) and coach operations (above left).   Not to be outdone Ulsterbus in Northern Ireland have large numbers of lower specification Irizar Scanias for Goldline express duties (right and below left) and also impressive Ayats double deckers (bottom left and below right).
Green Spanish Eyes
All photos taken in August 2006.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts (top to bottom)
Bus Eireann SP59 (06D49373), an Irizar Scania, at Letterkenny on the (64) Derry-Galway-Cork cross country service
Bus Eireann 06D22754, an Irizar Scania, in coach livery in Strabane
Bus Eireann 06D46837, an Irizar Scania, at Enniskillen on the (30) Donegal to Dublin service
Ulsertbus 1718 (EEZ6718), an Irizar Scania, leaving Derry for Belfast
Ulsterbus 1680 (TCZ1680), an Irizar Scania, in Armagh
Ulsterbus AXI283, an Ayats doubledecker, leaving Derry for Belfast
Ulsterbus AXI313, an Ayats doubledecker at Coleraine depot
Bus Eireiann
Scania Irizar
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