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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx December 2010
  King for a Day Winchester New Year Running Day
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  King Alfred Running Day
Once a year, for one brief day only, King Alfred buses return to the streets of Winchester.   Like the mythical Brigadoon, which reawakens once every 100 years, King Alfred buses roar through the streets of their native Winchester every New Years Day.   Thanks to FoKAB (Friends of King Alfred Buses), a running day open to the public has been organised since the mid 1980's to commemorate the former company that ceased to exist in 1973.   At each event a fine variety of King Alfred vehicles (above) is joined by other other preserved vehicles nearby (left).   The day is entirely timetabled allowing enthusiasts and the public to choose which vehicles or routes they would like to sample.   One of the highlights is evening running (top left), when photographers can capture buses at twilight with their interior lights ablaze.   The event has grown considerably in popularity since it first began with thousands of enthusiasts and members of the public descending on Winchester (below right).   The other local operator Wilts/Hants and Dorset is also usually represented with examples from the 50s (bottom left), 60s (bottom middle) and 70s (bottom right).   The day is a perfect antidote to any excesses from the night before, and brings back many fond memories for those who remember when King Alfred ruled in Winchester. 
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  Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Hants & Dorset GLJ478D, an ECW bodied Bristol FLF, at dusk near Winchester in January 2008
  • King Alfred 595LCG, a Park Royal bodied AEC Renown and King Alfred POU494, an East Lancs bodied Leyland Titan from 1956 at Winchester in January 2003
  • Hants & Sussex 31 (EHV65), a Duple bodied Bedford OB from 1951 in Winchester in January 2003
  • Southampton 71 (LOW217), a Guy Arab at Winchester in January 2003
  • Silver Star 1013MW, a Weyman bodied Leyland Atlantean in the late afternoon sun at Winchester in January 2010.   Silver Star operated services around the Salisbury area until 1963.
  • YDW756K, a Metro Scania that originated with Newport but has been restored in King Alfred livery in Winchester in January 2003.   King Alfred operated a small fleet of these vehicles.
  • Eastbourne 42 (AHC442), an AEC Regent III with unusual Bruce bodywork in Winchester in January 2008
  • Warrington 112 (OED217), an East Lancs bodied Foden, leaving Winchester bus station in January 2010 with a full load.
  • King Alfred CCG704C,a Plaxton bodied Bedford VAL at Winchester in January 2010.   Contrast this with a Caetano Levante behind it on a National Express journey to London
  • Wilts & Dorset OHR919, an ECW bodied Bristol Lodekka at the static display at Winchester Park & Ride in January 2008
  • Wilts & Dorset 824 (MMW354G), a flat screen Bristol RELL, arriving in Winchester bus station in January 2010
  • Hants & Dorset 3377 (UFX858S), an ECW bodied Bristol VRT, in Winchester bus station in January 2010


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