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January 2001
Liverpool Competition liver-ferry.JPG (33300 bytes)
Since deregulation, Liverpool has seen almost incessant competition between Merseyside and a host of other operators.   This came to a head in the early 1990s when Liverline, Liverbus and Fareway were more than nibbling at the market.   The solution was easy - buy the competition - North Western bought Liverline and Merseybus bought the other two.   Now Arriva owns everybody - they thought - until the OFT forced them to sell MTL's Gilmoss depot recently.   Confused ? - you will be.   See below for some clarification.
liver-liverline.JPG (28522 bytes) liver-fareway.JPG (53499 bytes) liver-merseybus.JPG (50714 bytes)
liver-liverbus.JPG (75581 bytes) liver-gilmoss.JPG (56297 bytes)
Above left : Liverline G36HKY, a  NCME/Scania, in April 1990 at the inappropriately named Paradise Bus Station; Above middle : Fareway F458BKF, a NCME/Olympian, in April 1990; Above right :   Merseybus Atlanteans in different liveries 1067 (A147HLV), and 1764 (MTJ764S) in April 1990; Bottom middle : Liverbus 103 K103OHF, a NCME/ Volvo in  April 1993; Bottom right : Arriva Titan 2347 (KYV347X)  at Gilmoss Depot in October 2000.
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