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  August 2014
Docklands Day Trip

Who would have believed in 1982 when London Docklands was designated an Enterprise Zone, that it would spawn Canary Wharf, the second major financial district in the capital ?   In anticipation of the planned developments, London Transport started the D1 Docklands Clipper route from Poplar to Mile End in early 1984.   It was initially run with five Leyland Nationals in a dedicated livery and they followed a route past many of the deserted docks. Nowadays the area is unrecognisable, as many of the docks have been filled in, and new business prospers where once warehouses lay derelict.

Today a day trip to the Docklands provides an opportunity to ride on several different forms of transport - hydrogen fuelled buses on the RV1 from Waterloo to Tower Gateway, then the DLR to Canary Wharf, continuing by bus to the Greenwich foot tunnel, and finally Thames Clipper boat from Greenwich back to Embankment. Thirty years of change - it's bankers not dockers now.

Now and then: A London Transport Leyland National on then new Docklands Clipper service D1 in March 1984 and a Marshall bodied Dart from First at the same location of Marsh Wall at South Dock in August 2011 on route D8 to Stratford.
  Leaflet advertising the service which ran every quarter of an hour. London Transport used five standard Leyland Nationals painted in a special livery on the original D1 route.   This view is taken on its third month of service. A Wright bodied Hydrogen bus on the RV1 service at the Southbank. A DLR (Docklands Light Railway) train at Canary Wharf.
  A Thames Clipper vessel at Tower Bridge. A Dennis/Plaxton of First on service 473 which operates from Canary Wharf to the Greenwich tunnel. The Greenwich foot tunnel under the Thames which opened in 1902.   It is currently being renovated.





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