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February 2001
Londoners in Exile
London Transport were famous for ordering very large batches of vehicles and equally famous for then disposing of most of them at an early age.   Below is a brief selection of some vehicles that operated in London and went on to provide further service elsewhere.
lt-rcu482s-ouc109r.JPG (56747 bytes) lt-aml605h.JPG (45493 bytes)
Many Metro/Scania double deckers found a second lease of life with Whippet of Cambridge.  Former Tyne & Wear RCU482S and former London Transport OUC109R are seen at their depot in November 1992.  London Transport owned more that 800 AEC Swifts and Merlins.   One such, AML605H, is seen at Dover providing port side transfer for Townsend Thoresen (now P&O) in July 1984.
lt-kjd11p.JPG (32039 bytes) lt-cul208v.JPG (44517 bytes)
One of the largest London Transport clear outs in recent years has been that of the DMS.   A soaking Swansea bus station is the location for South Wales 857 (KJD11P) in January 1984. Following the sale of London Transport companies to the major bus groups, many Titans have been cascaded to new homes.   Stagecoach Western Scottish CUL208V is seen in the short lived Schoolbus livery at Kilmarnock Depot in December 1997.
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