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  May 2017
Luxembourg City
The capital of Luxembourg is located at the very southernmost part of the country close to Germany and France.   It has become  quite an opulent city due in part to resident European Union institutions and the financial sector which is growing rapidly.   About 10 main operators provide city services most of which terminate or pass the bus station located beside the railway station.   As expected there are several cross border routes and regular express services linking airports in Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.



  All photos taken in April 2017.
Photo Facts Photo Key :
  1. Several companies operate minibus shuttles to and from the airport such as Demy Schandeler
  2. CFL are owned by Luxembourg railways
  3. A Mercedes artic fom Ecker
  4. A Mercedes artic from Demy Schandeler
  5. A simplicity branded MAN artic - this brand is applied to vehicles from several operators
  6. A Van Hool hybrid artic from Sales Lentz
  7. Flibco operate express services between many airports, provided by local operators
  8. Vandivinit operate a variety of cross border services to France, including this one from the Technology Park in Leudelange.   Strangely there are almost no services to Belgium.
  9. A Mercedes from DB (German Railways) about to cross the bridge at Remich en route from Merzig (D) to Luxembourg.
  10. A Setra from Frisch
  11. Emile Weber operates some of these double artic Hess vehicles.   Their fleet all carry EW registrations.
  12. A Mercedes of Siedler Thill
  13. Top: One of five Van Hool Exquicity vehicles operated by Sales Lentz



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