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December 2004
West Coast Main Line
Rail Replacement
The West Coast Main Line has slowly but surely been upgraded over the past few years to allow high speed tilting trains from Virgin to travel at 125mph.  The line was opened in September by Lord "Beardy" Branson who single-handedly drove a Pendolino train from London to Manchester.   During the renewal period several rail replacement services have been provided including the one above, between Macclesfield and Wilmslow.   First has used a fleet of dedicated vehicles operated by First Student (naturally) in the Manchester area.
West Coast Main Line
All photos taken in August 2004.   Click to enlarge.
Photo Facts
First Student 61215 (YM52UVL), a Wright-bodied Scania L94 at Macclesfield station
First Student 61216 (YM52UVN) at Macclesfield station
West Coast Main Line
Cheshire Gap, Mill St, Macclesfield
A delicatessen with lots of homemade pies, salads and cakes.
Perfect stop for lunch and handy for the new bus station.
Touchstockport (but not in public)
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