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 Meandering in the Mendips
  Meandering in the Mendips

If you found yourself meandering in the Mendip Hills in deepest Somerset, you might have until recently seen buses heading for Bristol even though it is over 40 miles away.  Two services (375/376) each ran hourly from Yeovil and Bridgwater, combining at Wells to give a half hourly frequency to Bristol.   Although the routes were chopped into three in autumn 2007, the timings and stops remain the same.   First introduced new Wright bodied Volvos to the service in 2005 and these were caught on camera soon after they started.   The routes are centred on Wells (above and left) but serve numerous villages and small towns(below).

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  Photo Facts (Anti-clockwise from Top Right)
  • Wells is one of the smallest cities in the UK.   Its cathedral dominates the skyline of the thriving market town which nuzzles deep in Somerset.   First Somerset and Avon 66717 (WX54XDD), one of a batch of about 10 Wright bodied Volvos in dual-purpose livery that operate the services, navigates its way down Wells High Street on a sweltering August day in 2005.
  • Another year, another roasting day in Wells.   This time it's 66722 (WX54XDD) leaving Wells bus station for Bridgwater in July 2006 with St Cuthberts church in the background.
  • On the same glorious day in July 2006, 66716 (WX54XDA) is seen heading through Wells making for Yeovil.
  • Marlborough St bus station in Bristol was completely rebuilt recently.   66717 (WX54XDD) leaves the partially complete site on the start of its long run to Bridgwater in April 2006.
  • Think of quaint village names, and think of Somerset.   Chewton Mendip is where 66723 (WX54XDH) is captured heading for Bristol in July 2006.
  • When the route splits at Wells (or more correctly Street), the section towards Bridgwater truly meanders through the Mendips serving many local communities en route.   One such is Cossington where 66717 (WX54XDD) is seen in August 2005.
  • Bridgwater too has a new bus station - at least the third on the same site.   It was a very cold evening in February 2006 when 66716 (WX54XDA) was about to leave on a short journey back to Wells.
  • The vehicles pass each other in Chewton Mendip and coming the other way to 66717 in August 2005 was 66725 (WX54XDJ).
  • From Wells to Yeovil the route very much follows the main road, although there are a couple of deviations into villages such as the charming Ilchester where 66716 (WX54XDA) is seen in June 2006.   Not all vehicles carry lettering for the service.   Not all summer days in Somerset are sunny.
  • Occasionally older Wright bodied Volvos appear such as 66115 (R915BOU) wending its way through the hedges near Kingsdon in December 2005.
  • If you're short of a magic potion or something satanic then look no further than Glastonbury.   66721 (WX54XDE) sweeps round the corner in the centre of the town making for Yeovil on a busy evening in August 2005.
  • Heading in the opposite direction on the same evening is 66718 (WX54XDB).


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Goodfellows, Wells -
Intimate venue in an intimate city.   Charming seafood based restaurant where you can watch your food being prepared in front of you.   Equally good brasserie and patisserie next door with cakes as good as you'd find in France.


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