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  April 2009 

The Midland Red themed day at the
BaMMOT museum in Wythall in October
2008 was a great success, as a sunny
Autumn day welcomed the many
visitors to the site.

                               Sky Blue
            Midland Red
Photo Facts
  • Midland Red 3301 (KHA301), a BMMO Duple bodied C1 from 1948

  • Midland Red 6015 (GHA415D), an Alexander bodied Daimler Fleetline


Decker Delight    
Photo Facts
  • Midland Red 5656 (BHA656C), a BMMO CM6T from 1965 and 4943 (943KHA), a BMMO D10 from 1960, one of only two examples built of this revolutionary type of vehicle

  • Midland Red 4482 (XHA482), a BMMO D7 from 1956

  • Midland Red 5399 (BHA399C), a BMMO D9 from 1965


Mixed Bag    
Photo Facts
  • Midland Red 101 (HHA101L), a Leyland National from 1974

  • Midland Red 4031 (SHA431), a 1953 all Leyland PD2 classed by Midland Red as an LD8

  • Midland Red 5545 (6545 HA), a BMMO S16 from 1964


Photo Facts
  • Midland Red 5919 (RHA919G), a BMMO S23 from 1968 and 5901 (MHA901F), a BMMO S22 from 1968

  • Midland Red 3301 (KHA301) and 3311 (KHA311), both BMMO Duple bodied C1's from 1948


Photo Facts
  • Douglas Corporation 9 (WMN485)

  • Steam train

  • Timetable


Midland Red and More    
Photo Facts
  • Birmingham 1685 (HOV685), a Brush bodied Leyland PD2 from 1948 and 1107 (CVP207), an MCW bodied Daimler COG5 from 1937

  • Birmingham 3796 (NOV796G), a Park Royal bodied Daimler Fleetline

  • West Bromwich 248 (248NEA), an MCW bodied Daimler CVG6 from 1963 

All photos taken at BaMMOT Museum in Wythall in October 2008.
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