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  September 2010
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Vintage Port
   Newquay Running Weekend
Newquay Running Weekend

The big draw at Newquay is the big ocean.   Tourists come from far and wide to surf the Atlantic on the wide beaches along the North Cornish coast.   So imagine their surprise one weekend in June to see hordes of bus enthusiasts descending on their summer paradise to ride vintage vehicles.   The weekend was organised by Western Greyhound, the main resident operator since First upped sticks, who normally provides services through the lanes and hedgerows with Plaxton bodied minibuses.   However being run by an enthusiast, and owning a small collection of heritage vehicles, meant it was natural for Western Greyhound to organise a running weekend over many of its routes.   The buses were a mixture of single deckers and double deckers, most having started their life in London.   There was even a red Routemaster in amongst the swathes of green.   If the tourists were surprised then the locals were extremely understanding.   They had seen it all before, as this was not the first weekend of its kind, so mums with pushchairs expecting more accessible vehicles just smiled and got on with it.   Good weather, good times and good spirit.
Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Western Greyhound AEC Regal RF141 (MLL528), a former Green Line vehicle, at the terminus of the Newquay circular.
  • Many of Western Greyhound services are operated by Plaxton Beaver bodied Mercedes minibuses such as WK04CUA and WK02BUS seen in Newquay bus station.   They are joined there by UWR498, an East Lancs bodied Olympian (formerly R497RRA of Nottingham).
  • Western Greyhound AEC Routemaster RM1783 (783DYE), formerly with London Transport in Newquay bus station.
  • Western Greyhound JWV259W, a Bristol VRT formerly with Southdown, in Newquay bus station.
  • Western Greyhound RM1062 (62CLT), a former London Transport AEC Routemaster, resplendent in red LT livery at Perranporth.
Cornish Coast
 St. Michael's Mount
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Porthminster Cafe
Who needs the Med when you can sit at a restaurant overlooking St Ives beach eating fresh seafood ?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in June 2010.   Click to enlarge.   Click to play video clip.


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