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June 2006
SunDown October Rallies
The rally season normally lasts until about the end of October each year.   Last year there was an exceptionally sunny weekend in the middle of October that hosted neighbouring rallies - one in Swindon and one in Oxford.
The Swindon rally was actually a running day, literally for some drivers as they tried to maintain a hectic schedule of routes.   It was based at the Great Western Outlet Design Centre close to the city and vintage vehicles ran local services as well as those to far flung villages.   There was a good representation of Bristol vehicles (both manufacturer and operator) all splendidly turned out.   The sun shone and the day lasted well into the long evening shadows.
The Oxford rally was linked to one of several open days held at Oxford Bus Museum each year.   Vehicles were parked at one of the Park & Ride sites and there was a service to and from the museum.   The inbound and outbound services passed near the airport allowing interchange of passengers.   Supported by many local vehicles there was also a smattering of London Transport RMs.
Take Two: some vehicles visited both rallies on successive days.
All photos taken in Swindon and Oxford in October 2005.   Click to enlarge.
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