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  November 2012
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bristol Brew
   Classic Bus and Country Pub running day
  The Hants and Surrey Bristol RE Group organise an unusual event every summer.   They invite owners of Bristol RE's to drive around pubs in Hampshire and Surrey, transporting willing enthusiasts who are not only interested in real buses, but also real ale.   The event is impeccably organised, centred on Alton rail station, with timetables, maps and even specially erected sign posts (above left).   The only dampener on proceedings can be the weather, which was certainly unseasonable in July 2011.   Torrential rain fell all morning and even by lunchtime at the Star Inn at Bentworth (above) it was still fairly miserable for a Hants & Dorset RE.   However conditions soon improved and in the early afternoon at the same location the sun popped out to welcome a Crosville RE (lower left 1).   The day progressed with an Ulsterbus RE seen at the Castle of Comfort in Medstead (lower left 2).   Precision timetabling meant there were opportunities to change vehicles at locations, such as the Selborne Arms where a Southern Vectis LH and a Blue Bus Services RE crossed paths (lower left 3 & 4).   Near the end of the day when many travellers were rather jolly, an Eastern National RE and a Citybus RE are seen at the Rose & Crown pub in Upper Farringdon (lower left 5 & 6).   There may still be revellers lost in deepest Hampshire waiting for that elusive final RE home.
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in July 2011.   Click to enlarge and to play clip.
Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Hants & Dorset 1651 (XLJ726K), an ECW bodied Bristol RE, at the Star Inn in Bentworth
  • Crosville ERG53 (UFM 53F), an ECW bodied Bristol RE, at Bentworth
  • Ulsterbus 2440 (WOI2440), an Alexander (Belfast) bodied Bristol RE, at the Castle of Comfort in Medstead
  • Southern Vectis 202 (KDL202W), an ECW bodied Bristol LH, at the Selborne Arms
  • Blue Bus Service 1802 (TRY118H), an ECW bodied Bristol RE, at the Selborne Arms.   This vehicle was originally operated by Leicester, before it moved on to Ipswich Buses.
  • Eastern National 1516 (FWC439H), an ECW bodied Bristol RE, approaching the Rose & Crown in Upper Farringdon
  • Citybus 2565 (GXI2565), an Alexander (Belfast) bodied Bristol RE, at the Rose & Crown in Upper Farringdon
  • Clip: Mansfield & District 7 (NNN7M), a fine ECW bodied Bristol RE, pulls away from the Rose & Crown in Upper Farringdon


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