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October 2003
label.jpg (23606 bytes) Festival Fatigue
Each year Reading hosts a rock festival over the August Bank holiday weekend.   Recently National Express have laid on services from as far afield as Leeds and Bristol to transport expectant revellers to the site.   That's the easy part - getting them home again on Monday can be more problematical.   Here are six easy steps to help ...
1 Advertise departures 2 Organise a queue 3 Provide refreshment
publicity.JPG (73571 bytes) queue.jpg (49473 bytes) entertainment.JPG (54378 bytes)
Erect lots of signs so the unwashed masses can locate the buses before lunchtime. Form them into an orderly queue, or at least get them to sit together on the ground. Provide legal refreshment.   However don't make it more nourishing than expected.
4 Identify correct buses 5 Load quickly 6 Depart into the hoards
megaphone.JPG (56236 bytes) j964ywj.jpg (41845 bytes) coach1.jpg (52686 bytes)
Provide the world's most patient inspector with a big megaphone and hope for the best. Place rucksacks, tents and other stuff in the boot and put the owner on the same vehicle. Leave punctually with the slumbering punters and join an enormous traffic jam.
Reading Festival
All photos taken on August Bank Holiday Monday 2003 at Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading.   Click to enlarge
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