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  November 2011
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hybrid HyLife
   Reading Buses can't get enough hybrids
Stepping Out
Reading Buses has taken to the Hybrid high life by introducing over 30 of the type into service in the past year.   This remarkable number of vehicles makes it one of the biggest operators of such technology in the country.   The first route to receive these diesel/electric vehicles was the trunk 26 route to Calcot with bright yellow branding being adopted.   Next on the list was the fast expanding 20/21 routes that serve the university.   These are finished in smart claret livery reminiscent of the traditional colours associated with the town fleet.

Top of the Town
Finally the top route in the town, the 17 from Wokingham Rd to Tilehurst, was converted using purple branding.   This high profile route has seen three new batches of vehicles in the last seven years.   It was the first service to get East Lancs bodied Scanias, many of which have now been sold on, and then striking Scania OmniDekkas which have now been cascaded to other town routes.   Reading has staked its future on hybrids - let's hope the investment pays off.
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Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • A Reading hybrid at the Three Tuns terminus of the 17 route.   All Reading's hybrids are manufactured by AlexanderDennis (ADL) at their plant in Falkirk.
  • Reading 209 (SN11BVP) in generic Reading Buses livery in Earley in August 2011.
  • Reading 216 (SN11BVX) at Reading University in October 2011.
  • Reading 219 (SN61BAA) at the Wokingham Rd terminus of the 17 in October 2011.
  • Reading 206 (SN60EDK) in Calcot in its first week in service in April 2011.
  • Reading 207 (SN11BVM), from the second batch of hybrids delivered, at the Calcot terminus in October 2011.
  • Reading 216 (SN11BVX) about to lift a full load of students from the university in October 2011.
  • Reading 217 (SN11BVY) on the new route 21a through Earley in October 2011.
  • Reading 1107 (YN08MKZ), a Scania OmniDekka, in Caversham in October 2011
  • Reading 1112 (YN08MMK), a Scania OmniDekka, at Thames Valley Park in October 2011
  • Marchwood Motorways YN06MWJ, an East Lancs bodied Scania, in Hook in October 2011.
Pastures New
The OmniDekkas that formerly operated on the 17 route have been cascaded to other routes such as the 23/24 to Caversham.
The OmniDekkas originally ran on bio-ethanol in an unsuccessful trial and have since been converted to normal diesel.   After life on the 17 some have found a new home on the service to Thames Valley Park.
Many mid-life East Lancs bodied Scanias are now surplus to requirements and a sizeable batch has been sold to Marchwood Motorways who have won the contract to serve Alton college in Hampshire.
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