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October 2001
A selection of rear-windowless National Express vehicles at Digbeth Coach Station, Birmingham in January 2001.
Since the mid 1990's many UK buses and coaches have been built without rear windows.   This article recalls the days before gloomy interiors became the fashion.   There is also a look at some unusual rear windows.
Above left: Midnet 3388 (BP-27-GJ), a DAF Den Oudsten at Amersfoort bus station (NL) in May 1995, sports a contravision blind advertisement for Liptonice in its rear window.   Above right: A selection of STGA vehicles about to depart Antibes bus station (F) one lunchtime in June 1995.
rear-atlanteans.JPG (47956 bytes)
Above left: Chippenham in Somerset has a delightful bus station, close to the charming town centre.   However, it is situated in completely the wrong spot for photography in the sun.   Andybus Duple/Leopard YFR491R and Badgerline VR  EWS749W are seen here in September 1996.   Above right: Glasgow owned well over 1000 Atlanteans.   This view at Govan depot in August 1983 demonstrates their almost identical Alexander bodies.   Four different liveries are evident including the then recently introduced "Strathclyde Red". Bog Standard: less than 80 SBG Y-Types had toilets fitted.    Two of the Eastern RE's, including FE34 (EWS169D) ended their days at Fife in SCOTTISH livery.  It is seen at Kirkcaldy in 1978.
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Above left: Reading Transport has a sizeable fleet of Optare bodied vehicles,  most of which have solid backs.   One such is Excel V943 DCF at Reading station in February 2001.   Above right: Shearings Volvo/Jonckheere 721 ( N721UYR) displays its owners logo in place of a rear window.    It is seen at Portpatrick Hotel, recently acquired by Shearings, in August 2000.
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