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April 2006
 RM Farewell
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Photo Facts (top to bottom) [All photos taken at Brixton Depot in December 2005]
Crowds descend upon RM54 (LDS279A)
The third last RM - RM6 (VLT6)
The second last RM - RM5 (VLT5)
The last RM - RM2217 (CUV217C)
Open top Arriva VLY605 (LX05HRO) transported the press
RM2217 (CUV217C) leaves the depot for the final time
Arriva VLA155 (LJ55BRZ) on service (159) later in the afternoon
See RM2217 leave the depot for the final time on video (5 Meg file - right click to save)
Arriva in London
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