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  October 2010
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Splash Photography
   Another Washout at Showbus
It was very wet for the largest bus rally of the year (clockwise): not many souls braved the rain; those who did needed stout umbrellas; a better idea was to view the planes in the museum instead such as this magnificent Sunderland ; many entrants made a hasty exit; Stagecoach had the largest display including this line-up of Enviro 400s.

There was a large turnout of perserved vehicles (clockwise): The undoubted star was the Standerwick Bristol VRL coach; a more vehicle from the more recent past was a Northumbria Delta; a most unusual left hand drive AEC from Lisbon; a beautifully restored Daimler Fleetline from Darlington; as usual there was a large contingent of former London vehicles including this predictable line-up of Routemasters.

Two London Transport stalwarts from the 1980s - a Metrobus and a Titan (top) with two NBC 80's Bristol VRs (below) from Eastern National and Western National.
Unlike 1980's events there were only a handful of new vehicles such as an Enviro 400 from local operator Hedingham and a Sunsundegui Sideral bodied Volvo B7R coach of Johnson Bros.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken in September 2010.   Click to enlarge.

  Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • London Transport M2 (THX102S), an MCW Metrobus and T6 (WYV6T), a Leyland Titan
  • Eastern National 3107 (UAR597W) and Western National 1106 (SFJ106R), two Bristol VRs in standard NBC leaf green livery
  • Travel West Midlands 3053 (F53XOF), an MCW Metrobus, taking an early bath
  • Standerwick 60 (LRN60J), an immaculately restored Bristol VRL coach
  • Darlington 27 (VHN527G), an unusual single-decker Daimler Fleetline
  • Lisbon 256 (GB-21-07), a Weymann bodied AEC Regent III
  • Northumbria 251 (G251SRG), an Optare bodied Delta
  • Hedingham L386 (SN10CCV), an Alexander Enviro400
  • Johnson Bros FJ60EJL, a Sunsundegui Sideral bodied Volvo B7R 


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