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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx February 2010
  Snow Joke
It's official - 2009/10 was the coldest winter in Scotland for nearly 50 years.   Gripped by snow for days on end it's a wonder that public transport survived at all.   Motorists were told to be prepared at all times and carry a shovel and a flask in their cars.   However this was not an option for intending bus passengers when a blizzard appeared from nowhere.   Perhaps that was the lasting memory of this winter - incessant sudden snow storms.   One such occurred in Edinburgh on the first full shopping day after Christmas.   One minute everyone was walking around as normal, the next people were slipping and sliding on snowy pavements.   Bus services battled on through the blizzard.   Even the demand for open top tours remained undiminished during the peak of the storm.   After an hour of chaos the sky stopped dumping, but nobody could be quite sure when it was going to return.   It's no joke.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken on 29-Dec-09 in Edinburgh.   Click to enlarge.

  Photo Facts (Top to Bottom)
  • Lothian 340 (SN59BGF), a new Wright bodied Volvo in Princes St.
  • Edinburgh Tour 250 (E315MSG), an Alexander bodied Olympian in Waterloo Place
  • Lothian 696 (SN04AEL), a Plaxton bodied Dennis Trident, on North Bridge on a Park & Ride service
  • Lothian 987 (SN57DAU), an Airport liveried Scania OmniCity, at Waverley Bridge
  • Stagecoach 52668 (X678NSE), a Jonckheere/Volvo, in St. Andrews Square bus station, Edinburgh
  • First Edinburgh 36010 (SN05HWZ), an East Lancs bodied Scania, leaving Waterloo Place for Whitburn
  • Scott Monument from Waverley Bridge
  • Lothian 708 (SN55BKG), a Wright bodied Volvo in Princes St.


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