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  July 2015
Happy Anniversary
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Southdown 100
Southdown and Wilts & Dorset recently celebrated landmark anniversaries by staging commemorative events.   Southdown marked its 100th anniversary with a gathering held on Southsea Common.   All the usual suspects were present in addition to the two current vehicles from the Stagecoach fleet painted in historic livery.   It was a sunny Sunday in June which attracted not only enthusiasts but members of the general public who were visiting Southsea.   Open top rides were provided to the Hard interchange at Portsmouth and along Southsea promenade.

Wilts & Dorset 75
Wilts & Dorset organised a much more ambitious event in Salisbury a few weeks later to celebrate 75 years in existence.   There was a small display of current Wilts & Dorset buses in central Salisbury and the vehicles operating the routes laid over in the central car park.   Services were operated to neighbouring towns and villages with a variety of restored buses not all from Wilts & Dorset.   Because of the local nature of the company many residents supported the event, some even recounting tales of family members who had worked for the company.
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All photos taken in June 2015 apart from BCD808L (July 1975) and PJT258R (July 1978)



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