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  December 2016
Christmas Quiz
Ray Stenning (aka Best Impressions) is the goto person when bus companies want a new livery for their operations.   Featuring stylish swoops and gentle curves, these liveries can be seen throughout the length and breadth of the country.    So can you identify the vehicles below that have benefited from his handiwork ?    Answers at the bottom of the page.

  All photos taken in 2016.   Click to enlarge.








Photo Facts Photo Key :
  1. First Group steer well clear of Ray Stenning and his swirls preferring the altogether harsher world of straight lines from the 1980's cubist school of liveries.   Their latest bright idea is to apply random bold wedges to the front of their washed out group livery to provide local identities such as here in Bristol.
  2. Harrogate and District re-launched their high profile 36 service from Ripon and Harrogate to Leeds so there was only one person who would be asked to re-brand their new Wright bodied Volvos.
  3. Plymouth perked up their livery recently.   The only give-away that this is a Stenning inspired product is the single white curve.
  4. Don't let council owned companies anywhere near liveries.   Since Ipswich abandoned their traditional green and cream livery they have lurched from one sorry paint job to another, the latest being this pea soup and blackcurrant effort.
  5. Another high profile service to receive a re-brand from Best Impressions this year was the Red Arrow route operated by Trent Barton from Nottingham to Derby.
  6. Courtney has benefited from First's retrenchment from Berkshire and now operate most of the routes around Bracknell.   When adopting their new livery the mandate to the paint shop was simple - find a large pot of the darkest green paint available and apply liberally.   Result - the most dreary livery imaginable.
  7. Air Bus operate services from Bath to Bristol Airport.   Their smart brand was developed in house, proving that it is possible to do DIY liveries.
  8. Dhillon operate a small fleet of coaches in the London area.   Their swoops are not a Ray Stenning product.
  9. Stagecoach are a regular customer for Best Impressions and the latest services to receive the treatment are the routes from Aberdeen to Peterhead and Fraserburgh, branded as the Buchan Express.



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