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November 2009
Tiger Line
  Tiger Line
The Yorkshire Traction group could never have been accused of being dull.   Before being swallowed up by the mighty Stagecoach empire the constituent companies were littered with small batches of new and second hand vehicles.   One of its more unusual decisions was to rebody a batch of Leyland Tigers in 2000 all of which had previously been coaches (lower right).   By this point the youngest cat was fifteen years old, so no spring chicks then, but undeterred off they went to East Lancs for new Myllennium bus bodies.   On their stylish return (lower left) they were put into service for a further eight years, until they were sold en masse to Woottens.   More renowned as a coach operator their new owner has employed them on a new "Tiger Line" bus route T1 from Aylesbury to Hemel Hempstead (above and above left), and they have been joined by a former Oxford double decker (left) on another Tiger Line route T2 from Hemel Hempstead to Watford.   How many lives are left for these cats remains to be seen but their roar is a welcome addition to the lanes of Buckinghamshire.


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  Photo Facts (From top to bottom)
  • Wootten B11WTN, one of its East Lancs bodied Tigers, in Amersham in September 2009.   This is the former Kelvin-Central 4305 (D315SGB).
  • Wootten JIL2199, another East Lancs bodied Tiger, in Amersham in September 2009.   This is the former Durham Travel Services 30 (THL290Y).
  • Wootten also has this ECW bodied Olympian, E227CFC, formerly with Oxford.   It is seen in High Wycombe bus station in September 2009.
  • A clip of JIL2199 in Amersham
  • Strathtay 430 (670CLT), one of nine such rebodied Tigers in Dundee bus station in March 2001.   All of this batch has moved to Wootten.
  • Durham Travel Services30 (THL290Y), a Plaxton bodied Tiger in Sheffield bus station on National Express duty in October 1990.
  • Kelvin-Central 4305 (D315SGB), a Duple bodied Tiger, on Scottish Citylink duty in Newcastle coach station in October 1990.

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