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January 2001
Turin/Torino is a city often overlooked by tourists when they visit Italy.   It is the capital of the Piedmont region, and its people offer a warm welcome to their elegant and lively city.   As expected, there is a good transport system comprising buses and trams.
torino-bus2109.JPG (77909 bytes) torino-tram5011.JPG (61362 bytes)
ATM 2109, a standard Iveco, in the fabulous Via Po. Tram 5011 in Piazza Castello.
torino-tram2881.JPG (81717 bytes) torino-satti.JPG (55470 bytes)
Tram 2881 is seen in Piazza Vittorio Veneto with one of the bridges over the River Po just visible in the background (marked by flags). Lock up your daughters and secure all valuables as Torino coach station is located in one of the less desirable quarters of the city.   Seen there in the midday sun is SATTI 25 (AN 089 HA), an artic Setra.
All photographs taken in June 1999.   Click to enlarge.
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