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April 2004
Two contrasting bus stations are under threat of demolition.   Preston bus station, dating from the 1969, is one of the largest in the UK and is built around a rather uninviting concrete car park.   Derby bus station on the other hand originates from the 1920's and was an Art Deco masterpiece of its day.   Redevelopment is planned for both - they really are under pressure.
pressure-preston-side.JPG (73613 bytes) pressure-ribble-side-p261vpn.JPG (61047 bytes)
Photo Facts
Preston Bus leave from one side of the bus station (above left) and Ribble, as represented by standard Alexander/Olympian P261VPN, leaves from the other (above right).   Independent operators also use the bus station, notably Fishwick of Leyland and Tyrer, whose YJ51EKO is seen here (lower right).   Inside Preston bus station it is big enough to house at least three jumbo jets.   Its a long trail down the rubber floorway if your bus leaves from the far end (lower left).
pressure-preston-interior.JPG (47829 bytes)
Photo Facts pressure-derby-trent-v198drc.JPG (43968 bytes)
Above: Has time really run out for Derby bus station ?   An Arriva Alexander/Volvo prepares to depart.
Right: Along with Arriva, Trent is the main operator that serves Derby as represented by Optare Excel V198DRC.
Below right: The new car park opposite the bus station gives and excellent view of the semi-circular stance arrangement.
Below left: Several smaller companies such as the famous Felix can also be seen in Derby.  Their V708GRY, an Alexander/Volvo is seen on their main route to Ilkeston.
pressure-derby-bus-station.JPG (57231 bytes)
Under Pressure
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All Preston photos taken in June 2003.   All Derby photos taken in May 2003.
Preston Bus
Stagecoach in Lancashire
Tyrer Tours
Arriva Midlands
Trent Barton
New Derby bus station at Riverlights
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