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September 2000
Overnight departures from Victoria Coach Station, London
London's Victoria Coach Station is one of the main hubs for express service departures to the UK and Europe.   Many overnight services depart from the coach station to varied destinations from Aberdeen to Amsterdam.   These services are run by National Express and Eurolines with the last departure leaving as late as 23h30.   Only the dedicated or the deranged observe these twilight operations, but Photo Transport was there on Friday 14th July 2000 taking notes ...
vcs-night-bovo.JPG (40118 bytes) vcs-night-view.JPG (52961 bytes) vcs-night-dots.JPG (44798 bytes)
Bovo is a regular operator on the Amsterdam service.  Their 276 (BF-ZN-93) is seen on the early evening departure for the Dutch capital. Victoria Coach Station at dusk.   The overnight National Express services leave from the top right of the shot and the Eurolines from the bottom left. The service to Paris invariably requires duplication.   One of these - Dorset Travel P323ARU - awaits departure.
vcs-night-dts.JPG (42209 bytes) vcs-night-cork.JPG (39987 bytes) vcs-night-scotland.JPG (50022 bytes)
Durham Travel N22DTS ready to load for the overnight service to South Shields.  The Rapide logo on the side has been replaced by one for Go By Kavanagh and Bus Eireann compete with each other in Ireland, but both operate for Eurolines to the UK.   Kavanagh 99-KK-2902 is seen departing for Killarney via Cork. Scottish scrum.   The hoards descend on the vehicles for Inverness, Glasgow and Glenrothes; operated by Rapson, Bruce and Cumberland respectively.

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National Express provide daily coach departure to the UK
Eurolines provide daily coach departures to mainland Europe
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