March 2001
Netherlands Interliner
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The launch of Interliner at Lelystad (of all places) in October 1994.
Interliner - A new type of coach service
The Netherlands has a completely integrated transport system, from taxis and bikes to ships and trains.   In the mid 1990's a requirement to connect train stations by coach was identified, to provide complete end-to-end rail links where none existed at that time.   The new coach network was named Interliner, and to this day provides a mixture of short hop journeys (such as Schiphol to Haarlem) and long distance  ones (such as Lelystad to Groningen).   The vehicles are branded in a distinctive livery, have 2+1 reclining seats and are supplied by the major bus operators.   Passengers use through rail tickets, or pay the driver if they are on foot.   Included here is a small sample of Interliner services and vehicles.
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NZH 5716 (BD-FV-35), a 13.5m DAF/Den Oudsten at Haarlingen boat terminal in August 1996.   The ferries run to the Wadden Islands - a major tourist destination. The Dutch are addicted to cycling, consequently some Interliner services have a fietsbus (bike bus).  Seen above is NZH 8939 (37-XB-35) at Haarlingen in August 1996. There is only one international Interliner service.   BB-NH-65 is seen in Aken (Germany) in June 1996, on the (420) from Maastricht (home of the treaty).
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Along with Nijmegen, Utrecht is one of the best places to see Interliner services.   BBA 803 (VJ-67-JN) is seen at Utrecht in December 1994 on the (400) to Breda. Two routes cross at Den Oever every hour.   NZH 284 (VJ-57-DZ) is on the (350) Alkmaar to Leeuwarden and NZH 286 (VJ-85-JZ) is on the (355) Den Helder to Hoorn service in January 1995..  A long vehicle on a long route.   5700 (BB-PP-08), a 13.5m Berkhof/DAF, at Emmen bus station on service (300) to Groningen in September 1995.

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Interliner Route Summary
int-map.jpg (92411 bytes) 300 Emmen to Groningen
301 Groningen - Veendam
310 Drachten - Kop afsluitdijk
314 Groningen - Drachten
315 Groningen - Lelystad
330 Lelystad - Zwolle
331 Arnhem - Apeldoorn
336 Arnhem - Ede
348 Amsterdam Amstel - Huizen
350 Alkmaar - Drachten
351 Alkmaar - Harlingen Veerbootterminal
355 Hoorn - Den Helder
362 Schiphol - Haarlem
370 Amsterdam - Alphen a/d Rijn
380 Den Haag - Alphen a/d Rijn
382 Den Haag - Boskoop
387 Utrecht - Gorinchem
388 Utrecht - Dordrecht
391 Haarlem - Noordwijk
395 Rotterdam - Renesse
400 Utrecht - Oosterhout
401 Utrecht - Breda
405 Rotterdam - Bergen op Zoom
410 Nijmegen - Eindhoven
411 Nijmegen - Tiel
412 Nijmegen - Arnhem
415 Venray - Panningen
420 Sittard - Aachen
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  • For all Interliner information including timetables and maps, see the official Interliner site here