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September 2000 (Extra)
 Birmingham National Express
Summer 2000
 Selection of duplicates
bm2000dup-logo.JPG (24133 bytes)
bm2000dup-dunn-line.JPG (39832 bytes) bm2000dup-goode.JPG (56309 bytes)
Dunn-line W386PRC duplicating to St. Ives on the 11h30 service 329 Nottingham to St. Ives. Goode P836KOX duplicating on the 11h30 service 330 from Nottingham to Penzance.
bm2000dup-travellers.JPG (54631 bytes) bm2000dup-truronian.JPG (70551 bytes)
On the left is Travellers Choice 7962IL duplicating to Manchester on the 11h00 service 325 from Luton Airport to Burnley.   It had arrived from Keswick on the 14h30 service 570 from Whitehaven to London.   On the right is Flights S295WOA on the 15h30 service 210 from Gatwick Airport to Wolverhampton. Truronian 260ERY duplicating to Leicester on the 18h30 service 330 from Penzance to Nottingham.
All photographs taken on Saturday 22nd July 2000.   Click to enlarge.

Birmingham Summer National Express Summary
  2000* 1999* 1994 1991 1987 1986 1985
Service Cars 97 98 73 71 100 79 80
Duplicates 29 29 25 22 70 82 93
Total 126 127 98 93 170 161 173
Statistics are for 11h00, 13h00, 15h00, 17h00 and 19h00 departures apart from those marked * which include all departures from 11h00 to 19h00.


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