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 National Express bus stations
Digbeth coach station in Birmingham has improved considerably (July 1997) over the past few years.   A proper queue system is now used, which together with better public announcements and saw tooth bays means more organised departures.   Things have also looked up since the DMS's disappeared from lane 2 ...


Up market, down town - or should that be - down market, up town ?   Chorlton St. coach station in Manchester boasts permanent scaffolding (in case the whole place comes tumbling down) and requires passengers to use torches to find their vehicles.   On a splendid October's day in 1989 a Premier Travel Tiger on its way from Cambridge to Liverpool appears from the gloom.

Since the facility in Bedford Place shut in 1988, Southampton has not had a proper coach station.   However in 1999, a new coach station was opened at Harbour Parade.   Yorkshire Traction 57 (YTC838) is seen one bright Saturday evening in April 2000 on the 310 from Bradford to Poole.
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