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August 2003
Fast Show
National Express unveils new image
National Express has celebrated its 30th birthday by launching a new image.   Out goes the familiar “Double-N” image from National Bus Company days [above left], in comes a contemporary “smiley” logo with circles and arrows [upper left and right].
The brands have also been greatly simplified with only “Shuttle” [right] and “Airport” [above left] names surviving.   All other liveries such as Airbus, Jetlink [above right] and the stylish “Flightlink” [upper right] will gradually fade away.   Another revolutionary change is the introduction of a year long timetable rather than separate ones for summer and winter.   The current edition runs from April 2003 until February 2004.
Photo Facts (top to bottom) Former Liveries
Western National 2707 (WK03EKW) from Plymouth depot exhibits the new National Express livery, back and front, at Taunton in May 2003.
Sister 2704 (WK52SVU) from Camborne, also at Taunton in May 2003, carries the final version of the "Double N" National Express livery.
First Cymru Airport-liveried 117 (CU03AVC) leaves Cardiff on the (201) service to Gatwick Airport in June 2003.
Arriva Yorkshire DAF/Van Hool 34 (A2YBG) on the M40 motorway heading for Leeds in August 2001 wearing the rather smart Flightlink livery.
Speedlink R400SPK at Heathrow Airport in November 2002 on a Jetlink service to Northampton.
Yorkshire Rider 1425 (L542XUT) leaves Leeds coach station on an Express Shuttle service to Sheffield in August 1997.
Devon General 3533 (FDV824V), a Willowbrook bodied Leopard, carrying the stark white livery in Oxford Gloucester Green bus station in July 1980.
A fine summer's day welcomes Southdown 1334 (GWV934V) to Canterbury bus station in June 1985.   It is on service from Ramsgate to Bournemouth.
Before Operational Research graduates got their hands on the National Express timetable, vehicles used to lay over near Battersea Power Station in London.   Western National 2230 (C976GCV), a Duple340/Tiger, rests there in July 1986 before operating to Penzance.
National Express caused quite a stir when it adopted all-over white livery in 1973.  Originally coaches carried only the NATIONAL name [below], but in the 1980's stripes were added [middle].   The Rapide name disappeared in 2001 [bottom].
National Express livery
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