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October 2002
Wallace Arnold Interchange
Wallace Arnold, one of the largest coaching companies in the UK, operate a brochure-full of holidays to British and European destinations.   Holidaymakers board feeder services in far flung parts of the country that connect with each other at designated interchanges.   Passengers and luggage are then shuffled between vehicles until everyone is satisfied that they are heading for the correct resort.   There is nothing more inconvenient than spending a long weekend in Skegness rather than a fortnight in the Algarve.   The main interchange for Wallace Arnold in Southern England is South Mimms services just off the M25 motorway.   Four times a day on Fridays to Mondays, coaches converge for interchanges.   The photos below give a taste of what happens.
wa-grand-tourer.JPG (43146 bytes) wa-luggage.JPG (53653 bytes) wa-transfer.JPG (52987 bytes)
Volvo/Jonckeere 4WA in Grand Tourer livery - "You're invitation to go gold class" apparently. This luggage transporter would seem to have started life as a milk float. Lids up, cases everywhere and a sweaty driver about to crawl into a Berkhoff's boot. 
Wallace Arnold
All photos taken in July and August 2002.   Click to enlarge.
Wallace Arnold
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