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  January 2011
Déjà Queue

It was the snow that created pandemonium at Heathrow Airport, the snow that caused chaos on the M25 motorway, the snow that everyone forgot once it left the Kent coast.   The weekend before Christmas is traditionally one of the busiest of the year, and once again in Calais it was a case of déjà queue as ferries stacked up in port due to a wilderness of snow.   It had happened on the same weekend the previous year, but this time everyone was better prepared.   Specially adapted council vans sped round the centre of Calais gritting the main roads while mobile gritters prevented supermarket car parks from turning into Winter Olympics training sites.   Meanwhile at the port there were the inevitable delays resulting in four ferries arriving in harbour within minutes of each other around midnight.   One in particular, the Pride of Burgundy, was brimful with lorries and coaches.   The local police quickly marshalled the buses on the quayside, not to inspect passports in some crazy late-night act of officialdom, but to inform those on board that all motorways were closed to coaches for safety reasons.   French TV news bulletins the following day carried the story that many had to spend the night in makeshift facilities in Calais before onward travel.   Twas the weekend before Christmas and for many it was a weekend to remember, if not for all the right reasons.
Joyeux Noel
 Calais under snow again
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La Sole Meuniere
Think of gastronomic treats and the North of France is not the first place that springs to mind.   However there are several fine restaurants including La Sole Meuniere in the centre of Calais.   It serves fine fish, has an eye- watering dessert trolley but the cheese beats everything.   It's all locally sourced including Le Dôme de Boulogne, La Brique de Flandre and Pavé aux algues (seaweed cheese).
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All photos taken on 18-Dec-10 in Calais.   Click to enlarge.
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  • Seafrance Rodin
  • Pride of Canterbury
  • Pride of Burgundy
  • Seafrance Moliere


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