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April 2005
Danish Ferry Retirement
Together they were the King and Queen of Denmark.   Together they were ferries that operated for DSB.   Now today Kong Frederik IX and Dronning Ingrid have both found retirement homes.   Built in the early 1950's both ferries operated on the Nyborg to Korsor link connecting two of the major land masses that make up Denmark.   However in 1998 an impressive 18km bridge (above) was opened to span the Great Belt and ferries were no longer required.   Kong Frederik IX now lies at Korsor in Denmark (below), and Dronning Ingrid is at Barrow in England (right).
Above: Almost nothing remains of the terminal at Korsor apart from a rusting ramp.   Kong Frederik IX is wedged in concrete and there is no access.
Above and below: Dronning Ingrid has been renamed several times to Sjaelland and is now known in English as Selandia.   Based at the newly developed town quay of Barrow-in-Furness since late 2004, Selandia is currently nightclub, bar and restaurant.   Retaining many original features and signs from the Danish rail ferry days, Selandia is in excellent condition.   It was even available for Christmas functions as can be seen from the photos above.
Danish ferry retirement
Photos taken in August 2004 (Korsor) and December 2004 (Barrow-in-Furness).   Click to enlarge.
Princess Selandia
Great Belt Bridge
History of Kong Frederik IX on "Fakta om Fartyg"
History of Dronning Ingrid on "Fakta om Fartyg"
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